Industrial Sandblasting and Coatings

In 1996, Shar-Craft added an industrial sandblasting and coating division to the list of services offered.  The focus of this division is to reduce abrasion and erosion as well as control the corrosion of your equipment and flooring.

Our primary products are 100% solids with <1g/1VOCs and have proven successful at providing long-term solutions for controlling abrasion, erosion, corrosion, and chemical attack.

This division has increased plant life for customers through the application of composites in various industries, including food processing, wineries, water and waste water, petroleum production, chemical manufacturing, and distribution/logistics centers.

  • Spray-on Insulation
  • 100% solids; no VOC’s
  • Control Atmospheric Corrosion and Chemical Attack
  • Slip Resistant Surfacing