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Seal and Packing Supply, founded in 1967, began as a product and service provider to California’s booming oil industry.  Additional products and services were added when General Engineering Company (GENENCO) was acquired in 1977, and again in 1996 when California Coatings and Composites was started. 

Today, Shar-Craft’s (SCI) unique position gives us the ability to deliver superior service and quality control.  Composed of three divisions, Shar-Craft has the ability to provide all the services and products needed to increase efficiency, reliability, and longevity for all aspects of coating, machining, and sealing applications. This capacity is what distinguishes SCI. Through vertical integration, the divisions of SCI operate seamlessly, allowing customers to obtain a wide variety of services and products from a single company.

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Quality, Integrity, & Opportunities

While the number of businesses and industries served continue to grow, Shar-Craft’s philosophy has stayed the same: Provide quality products and services with integrity to our customers while creating long term and meaningful employment for local families.

Industries Served

  • Water
  • Waster Water
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Food Processing
  • Municipalities
  • Oil
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical Processing
  • Power
  • Wineries

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